Anthony Serchia, RRW, Interventionist Intern

Anthony Serchia, RRW, Interventionist Intern, is the latest addition to the Full Circle team. He has a passion for recovery and shares he his excitement in a way that motivates addicts and their families into treatment and long-term sobriety. Anthony brings a deep understanding of relapse and the complex psychological and environmental triggers that can cause relapse in the early days, months and years of new recovery. Through his own experience with addiction, relapse and recovery he connects with the Full Circle clients and helps to guide and encourage them through the challenges of intervention, treatment and early recovery. Anthony is the co founder of Full Circle Addiction and Recovery Services and is available for sober transport and companionship internationally.

“I have spent half my life in and out of recovery, relapsing and having a very difficult with early sobriety. I have lost relationships, family, homes, time with my children, jobs, friends, self-respect and esteem. I know that making the decision to enter treatment is a very difficult time and through intervention we are able to help and encourage our clients from going down the long miserable road of untreated addiction. I want to support our clients through the challenging transition from active addiction into treatment and ongoing recovery. Watching our clients, staying sober, thriving in their lives, enjoying recovery and reconnecting with their families, is fulfilling and allows me to use my hard earned experience to help others.”

Anthony is a registered recovery worker and an interventionist intern training with the Full Circle Intervention team.