Kate and Kristina were so perfect for our family. They worked well together and reached my daughter in a way that none of us had been able to. I could hardly believe when she checked into treatment the next day....

Kelly G.

After I met them at the assessment, I knew if I could get Kristina and Kate in front of my daughter that she would hear what they had to say and follow their direction. They were both truly insightful about addiction and very kind to my daughter. She admitted that she needed help for the first time, and after a few weeks entered treatment for the recommended 90 days.

Alan F.

I hired Full Circle because I liked the model of intervention they practice. I didn't want to lie to my wife about seeking professional help. Through the open intervention my wife chose to go to treatment and our marriage was saved from the sick cycle of deception we'd been caught in for years. We particularly liked the aftercare program. This wasn't the first time my wife had been to treatment, but she'd always struggled to stay sober when she came home. With the help of Kristina and Kate working closely with us for 6 moth after she left treatment she was able to get back to her life and pursue her recovery work in a way she hadn't been able to do before. That was two years, she's sober today...

Jim H.

It's been a year since our intervention. If you'd told us then what our lives would be like today we'd never have believed it was possible. Before the intervention we had no idea that by trying to take care of our son we were just making it all worse. After our son went to treatment my husband and I started to go to Al-anon as part of the aftercare program, which we still do regularly.

Our sons been sober for over a year now. Although the intervention process was really challenging, Kristina was right there for us the whole time and our work has really paid off....

Kathy M.

We were so scared about this whole process, would my husband go to treatment, what would happen if he didn't? When I met Brenda I just knew that I could trust her and let go of trying to run the show, I'd been doing it for so long. After the intervention I really needed her help in understanding what came next, she was there for me every step of the way. I don't know if I could have done it without her.

Sally Ann T.